A great massage at the hotel

Visiting Bucharest again was a very interesting experience, judging by the fact that I have not been there in the last 17 years – so it was pretty easy for me to see that the city changed, that the old comunist buildings are now fading away, while office buildings "made of glass" seem to take over the northern part of the city.

But what I remember very well and make me wonder why I have not been there in the last years is the fact that I saw the most beautiful womens in the world on the streets of this city.

Yes, the women in Bucharest like to thrill your view with modern clothing, and they are always very well dressed, and at the same time they are using the make-up like true artists do.

So of course I wanted to try to find some massage saloons, or to get some interesting experience and have a glance at the night life, although I was here with a lot of business.

Finally, when I realised that I won't have the time to get out in a club to try my luck, I searched on the internet (google it, of course) and after a couple of tries and a couple of websites where I have studied what can be done and how can be done, I have decided to use the services of the Confidential massage saloon.

This saloon is very interesting, as they are really offering a wide array of services, even with some oriental types of massage, which is fantastic, but in my case the thing that I was interested in was to actually have a great massage at the hotel, which a realisesd through a booking on their website – click here to find more.

So yes – I had again, after 17 years, a very iteresting experience in Bucharest.

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