When I’m stuck in my writing I always take a book out – doesn’t matter what, if I only read to motivate myself to write again, it can be a good book, a bad book, a boring book, I’d find something that nudges me to go back and continue with writing. It’s actually better when a book is bad because it’s easier to stop reading.

Last week, I read a bad book. And still couldn’t put it down. It wasn’t the story, it wasn’t the one-dimensional characters or the author’s rather boring voice. It was the relationships. It was love, all love, unselfish, complete and quite innocent love – and I couldn’t stop reading. I dove into it and didn’t want to come up to see that’s all just been a dream. Fiction.

As a consequence, I was quite… distant these days, my mind was in a completely different place and was happy to be there.

Which also meant that my blogging, my writing, my nano was put aside. I don’t like that part much now but still, my head is too dazzled with Edward to bother much. (Oh yeah, you’ve caught me: I’m on the dark side now. I’m a Twilight fan.)

As for nano, it means that I’m a tad behind. I’m 9173 words instead of the target 11667 – given that I’ve missed two whole days, this cc. 78% is not too bad. But I’ll have to work even harder to bring it up again.

As for blogging, I simply didn’t have the capacity to visit all my favourite people and it makes me feel even guiltier. I should not do that.

Looking back, this week was about characters – I showed you how my Baul started off as Matthew Perry, deshipley shared some conversations with her characters and I’ve also found some interesting videos in the topic.

So how was your week? Any interesting conversation you had with your own, or somebody else’s characters?

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