Hey…how did this get here?

I discovered yesterday that one of the surprise letters from outside North America I received while away was addressed mostly correctly…except for the country! It was addressed to the U.S.A…so I guess someone in the US Postal Service knows that Winnipeg is up here in Canada and shoveled it this way! (I had a picture, but my camera is misbehaving, I’m afraid there may be sand inside of it from the beach, I also wanted to show you a picture of a neat stamp celebrating mail orders, but the focus part of the camera is the part that’s not working…) You’ll just have to believe me about the mis-address. I continue to be impressed with the postal services of the world!

I’ve managed to respond to five letters so far, I’m slowing down now though, as I’m getting to the lovely longer letters, which of course, need to responded to in kind! I still expect to be caught up by the end of the month. (Maaaaybe a little earlier.)

I took a how-to-draw book on sea creatures down south with me, the porpoise is a result. I was quite pleased with what I could accomplish with the help of the book, and am now on the look out for more of them.

In this photo you can see two of the new Canadian stamps for 2012 – a Daylily stamp, and a stamp celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Apparently there will be another Jubilee stamp made available in April, as well.

Because I was away in January, I missed the Chinese New Year’s stamp (Dragon, this time,) part of a series that has been really popular with my correspondents. But you can still look forward to seeing baby caribou stamps from me, and perhaps a Joe Fafard cow stamp or two as part of the continuing “Art Canada” stamp series. I saw some of Mr. Fafard’s sculptures at the Winnipeg Art Gallery a few years ago, which was neat. Also neat – according to the Canada Post website – “From April of 1951 to October 31, 1969, Joe Fafard’s father, Leopold Victor Fafard, was the postmaster for the small town prairie post office of Ste. Marthe-Rocanville, Saskatchewan.” I’ll definitely have to try and get hold of some of them to share!

Tomorrow I’m going to go to the Michael’s craft store and see if I can find anything fun, they’re having some sort of card stock sale this week here, I’m also hoping for discounted Valentine’s Day stamps, which I’d be happy to hold on to until next year – actually I have some half-completed Valentine’s Day cards that I didn’t quite finish before leaving on vacation this year that I’m working on finishing this week, just to get them off of my desk! (And into my closet.)

Would anyone happen to have sand-removal tips for a camera? Hope you’re having good days!

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