“Vintage” Stamps!

Good morning! And now for a tale of closet-spelunking…

This, obviously, is not a closet. However, you can see in the top right of the bookshelf, the organized portion of a stamp collection I inherited when I was around nine or ten, and which I was re-aquainted with this past week as I went for a plunge in my clothes closet. While flipping through some of the binders, I discovered that there were repeats of a number of never-used Canadian stamps, mostly, I believe, from the 80′s and early 90′s. So now I’m going to be using them to send mail whenever the occasion arises! Some of rather odd denominations (I have a significant supply of 17 cent stamps for example) Here are some photographs of the most striking…

Yes, Canada is one of the Commonwealth realms, and our titular head of state remains Queen Elizabeth 2. I was thinking that some of these stamps would go along well with the new diamond jubilee stamps – if I can get hold of some of the new queen stamps. (Didn’t have any luck last trip to the post office.)

Sadly the photography here is fuzzy, but I found just these four stamps of famous Canada-lit characters – including two of every Canadian’s favourite orphan, Anne Shirley (of Green Gables.) Write me to let me know if you want one of these!

I also found one stamp showing curling, a (if you ask me) very strange ice sport brought to Canada by Scottish emigrants. While on vacation in Texas, a fellow Manitoban Canadian asked me if I had any news about the provincial curling team scores. He was quite disappointed I had no information.

I like these stamps particularly well because they’re so bright, and I don’t see very many stamps which are of actual air photographs.


Also in the photograph of my bookshelf, you’ll perhaps notice a something in a frame under the table lamp. This is my first ever completed counted cross-stitch.It’s far from perfect (I ran out of thread and failed to properly match the replacement colors.) However, it kept me busy on the rainy days on the gulf, and I would not be entirely opposed to trying another project in the future.

In fact, I have a few (much smaller) patterns for culinary herbs that I’m contemplating for use in card making.

Outbound mail –

As for what mail I sent out last week – I was able to get a lot done – and only have two letters left before I can declare myself all caught up again. I am now able to look forward to mail delivery with pleasure again, rather then with dread! I also look forward to feeling like I have more time to indulge my mail-art tendencies again, over the past month I’ve been concentrating on just getting reply letters written and out, and haven’t been able to play around with envelope embellishments very much.

I did at last make use of a magazine cut-out I’ve had for a long while, of an elderly lady (she’s apparently an eastern European Romani lady, with her first cell phone.) The juxtaposition of age and tradition with modernity amused both myself and the magazine photographer.  And I thought the quotation went with it well, too.

See you at the mailbox!

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