Supply Shopping Trip!

Went shopping today, and along with some other goodies, I stopped to pick up a few things for this mailing project. I already have a few local and cartoon cards, along with some stickers, but I was all out of international and us postage stamps, and my mailing for today is bound for Australia.

I am sending a postcard to a lady in rural Australia, where she has an enormous rose garden. It’s her birthday later this month, so I’m sending her birthday wishes with my card. This card shows the province of Manitoba’s Lieutenant Governor’s Residence – where the official representative of the Queen to the people of Manitoba, lives. In the summer, there is an extensive garden, and the residence has a large greenhouse. (In case you’re wondering, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.)


Because there is an upcomming rate change (stamps are going up in price in Canada on the 17th) the postal outlet I visited today did not have any international rate stamps left to sell. (I assume because they don’t want to have a bunch of old-rate stamps lying around on Jan. 18th) Instead, the lady behind the counter sold me a whole bunch of domestic rate stamps, with instructions to put THREE stamps on any mail going outside of Canada or the USA. A bit annoying, but okay.

Then, while at an arts supply store, I saw lovely floral bits on sale, and bought a package, believing them to be fancy stickers. Turns out, they’re not – but fortunately a little glue stick action solves the problem. Still, I probably wouldn’t have spent four dollars on the paper flower decorations if I’d realised they weren’t official stickers. I also picked up a couple of cheap ink stamps and an ink pad, with thoughts of applying them to an envelope or two in the future. (Yay extended boxing week sales!)

And finally, I wandered into a Hallmark store, looking for stationary. I found some, but it was super-expensive, and the plain stuff (without You’re Invited to Our Wedding! emblazoned upon it) was pretty ugly. I was just looking for an envelope-and-sheet set for everyday use – of course, I could use writting pad paper, with the lines, and a boring old white envelope, but I want to make this some what special. So, something a little more everyday then wedding invitation stationary, but something that shows thoughtfullness. I could, technically, write letters on the back of take-out menus, but that wouldn’t be right, now would it?

There is a Carelton Cards in the same mall as the Hallmark store, and just as I was leaving, I decided to take a chance and ventured in. There, I found some (comparitively) cheap sets, exactly like I wanted. So I am now the victorious owner of 40 “ecru” sheets and matching envelopes. I recieved a letter from a pen friend in Japan today, she always finds pretty or cute stationary, (this time it’s Mickey Mouse stationary) and now I have something decent to write back to her on.

In total, I spent a little under $25 on the stationary and the “stickers” and about $20 on stamps. I’ve budgeted $300 for this entire project, so I hope there won’t be another supply day like this one for awhile!

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