In a frantic rush for the Jul 21st deadline, I typed this out and almost sent it for the competition. I have been 'blocked' ever since :(

How do you write a story when there is no story to be written and you’re well into your 11th hour? Well, not yours exactly, as you’re not really on your death bed grasping desperately onto whatever little life you have got, but there’s a mean deadline waiting. As the minutes tick by cruelly, you almost give up in despair, for who has ever heard of anyone with such a predicament?

Anyway, you just continue with your attempt to write. It can be done, you believe although it must be admitted that it will definitely be a difficult process. In the end, you will finally know that if it can’t be done, then you will not be reading this.

How you managed to get yourself into this mess, you ask yourself quietly as you see the clock at the right hand corner of your computer change into the next minute in a blink of the eye. You know for certain that you’re never going to get that minute back!

You scan your brain for an idea to expand into a wonderful tale that could enthral future readers, wondering why it is suddenly turning its back on you. You begin to believe that both your brain and your muse have gone for a long vacation and conveniently forgot to inform you about it, and now you’re stuck with no story, with nowhere to turn to. Crazy ideas that pop into your head seem to head nowhere. It is all a clutter of unconnected thoughts that pervade the empty crevices of your brain and they end up being discarded like garbage in the bin outside.

Finally you give in to your fingers as they move across the keyboard at speeds you never expected them to achieve.


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