It's just a few days past 3 months since I breathed a sigh of relief that my attempt to learn a new language has come to a close. I sat for a nerve-wrecking examination that lasted for like what felt like forever, and missed out on a friend's important day because of clashing schedules, and stopped my NaNoWriMo novel at 32000 words to study!

Anyway, the exam was fast forgotten, what with the mad rush to get other things finished and general mundane stuff such as work and all... until one day a paper with a few of our names was passed around, seeking our opinion on taking further classes, to upgrade our level from 4 to 3 (it's backwards, I know)

I nonchalantly crossed the space next to my name... No way am I gonna put myself through that torturous process again.

Yeah, so, the results came out the other day (Thursday) and it was opened by the people at work! What embarrassment! However, I suppose after all the good luck wishes that I received from you all, I kinda need to tell that I actually passed (Not with flying colours of course... that will only happen when pigs fly! Ha! Ha! Well, I sort of failed my listening test, but overall I passed. (Jumping with joy here)... It also looks like the few sacrifices I made paid off... Two less things to be bitter about!

I wonder if this is how the world really works or is it just me, but despite passing, I'm afraid I'm still unable to converse in Japanese fluently.... This might be a future real life scenario:
Japanese person: Speaks in high speed Japanese...babbles on...
Me: Hai... (pretending to understand)
Japanese person: Continues speaking in high speed, and adds a 'ka' to the back of her sentence intonating a question while looking at me questioningly...
Me: Ah, wakarimasen (I don't understand) followed by a foolish grin.

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